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Dayton Probate Administration Lawyers

Probate administration can be a complex and stressful process. If you lost a loved one and have been named executor of an estate, a skilled attorney can work with you to distribute assets according to the deceased person's wishes.

At The Law Offices of Ira H. Thomsen, in Dayton, Ohio, we provide experienced representation to executors for the administration of estates. We take tremendous pride in offering personalized representation to every one of our clients, and we will guide you through the administration process from start to finish. Our goal is to help you settle the estate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

To speak to a skilled lawyer who will listen to your needs and work diligently on your probate, contact us today. We strive to return all messages within 24 hours.

Springboro Probate Estate Settlement Attorneys

As executor of an estate, you may be unfamiliar with the legal process and responsibilities involved with your appointed role. Executors are responsible for gathering property and assets, paying off debts, filing tax returns and distributing assets to the beneficiaries. Often, this situation involves a loss of a loved one, so there may be a very emotional time for all beneficiaries.

Our Dayton probate administration attorneys understand these frustrations, and we can help you with all aspects of the estate or probate administration process. If necessary, we are fully prepared to assist with any disputes that arise between beneficiaries, and we will work thoroughly to settle the estate promptly, efficiently and according to the decedent's wishes.

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